How to Get 5 Free Packs in Hearthstone (March 2017)

Hi, today I’m going to give you a quick tutorial how to get 5 free packs in Hearthstone in literally 10 minutes.

  • Download this .rar file and unpack it: DOWNLOAD
  • After unpacking there will be 5 folders with names of devices on which you can get a free pack
  • Than you need to open the game folder with this path *\Program Files\Hearthstone\Hearthstone_Data\Managed
  • Now run a game.
  • For getting free packs you need to replace the original file Assembly-CSharp.dll with the file from folder with name of device while game is running.
  • Close a game and than restart it

For iPhone and iPad — you need to play 1 match to get a free pack

For Android — you need to just run a game

Notice! If you were playing from this device — you will not get a free pack 🙁 But the folder name Android tablet contains settings not only for Tablet, but also for Samsung Galaxy S5. Playing with this phone (config) will get you 3 free packs and a new card back from Samsung.

hearthstone free back

If some stuff doesn’t give you free packs — reboot your pc, if it still doesn’t give you free packs — than it doesn’t work for you.

After making such operations with all 4 folders from downloaded .rar file you need to replace file from game folder with the original Assembly-CSharp.dll (it’s in folder named «Original»).

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

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