Smoke & Sanity testing — what is it and what’s the difference

When we are talking about smoke testing we’re assuming that it’s the first test you need to do when you’ll have a new build to test.

Smoke testing is a fast testing of a main functionality for correct work. If test fails, the build considered unstable and it’s going back to developers for fixing.


Smoke testing features:

  • It can be manual or automatic
  • It finds obvious bugs, that are blocking further testing
  • It identifies the critical business functionalities that a product must satisfy
  • It executes all basic functionalities of the application

Sanity testing is almost the same as smoke testing, but it’s more deeper. When you’re running sanity testing you explore one specific functionality and all of it’s functions must work as it’s written in specification (requirements).  Sanity testing is always running manually.

So the difference between this two test types is that, a smoke testing test software across and sanity testing tests it in-depth.


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